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EmbeddedWiki is created as live work package in a national funded danish project named ITOS. The fundamental idea of this wiki is to disseminate best practices with respect to development of embedded software and hardware. The information in this wiki is gathered in close collaboration mainly between CISS, Dansk Industri and four danish companies developing systems and/or products utilizing Embedded software.

A case researcher has been allocated in each of the four companies conducting research in areas specific to each company. The company specific research is not of interest for this EmbeddedWiki, while the generic trends in tools, processes, methods etc. for all the Industrial cases are interesting to gather in this Wiki.

The wiki will touch upon best practices within the following fields

  1. Tool support for embedded development
  2. Models
  3. Methods
  4. Development Process
  5. Documentation

The ITOS project is funded partly by subsidy from Industriens Fond, while base line and collection of information for this EmbeddedWiki is funded by InfinIT